The delivery of care should make people feel assured, empowered and dignified – and that’s exactly what HomeStay offers people every day.

We’re a people-focused company offering a cutting-edge range of care-technology products uniquely tailored to individuals’ needs and their home environments – so that their safety, wellness and comfort is never compromised, but rather enhanced.

Using artificial intelligence our products are created to be wonderfully human and designed to work as home companions, providing health monitoring, safety alerts and real-world interaction with those who wish to continue living and enjoying life at home, which is exactly where they should be.

There’s No Place Like Home

YOUR home is your castle. No one understands that more than HomeStay. 

That’s why we have developed what we call our Intelligent Home System – a SIMPLE ECO SYSTEM of products designed to empower your independence and everyday wellness and safety.

This ECO SYSTEM of cutting edge monitoring technology is designed to automatically monitor your wellness and send NOTIFICATIONS to YOUR selected LOVED ONES, HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS OR AMBULANCE IF NEEDED, SHOULD something irregular happen at home.

From everyday health and wellness monitoring such as heart rate and movement within the home through to instant alerts should a fall happen to occur, our intelligent home system is designed to keep you comfortable, safe and independent in the home you know and love.


We can all do with a little help around the home – from a nurse or medical professional dropping by through to someone to visit your home and cut your hair, do your laundry or even mow the lawn.

HomeStay is here to help coordinate all these services and more through our brilliant new app called THE HOMESTAY EVERYDAY.

This highly intuitive smartphone and tablet app connects you to a broad range of healthcare services and everyday needs providers that are reputable, reference-checked and reviewed.

Each provider comes highly recommended – in fact we want you to think of it as a trusted marketplace and community of care and service providers that are here for your needs anytime, anywhere. Simply search, book and receive!

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