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Simple technology to keep you connected to family and friends
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The delivery of care should make you feel assured, empowered and dignified – which is exactly what HSC Technology Group offers every day. We provide an in-home emergency alert system featuring cutting-edge technology. Each system is uniquely tailored to individual’s needs and their home environment. So it’s your wellness, independence and peace of mind that is enhanced.  Living longer and living better is the HSC Technology Group philosophy.

Smart home technology creates independence

Your home is your castle. No one understands this better than HSC Technology Group. That’s why we’ve developed what we call our Intelligent Home system, designed to empower you through increasing your wellness, independence and peace of mind. This ecosystem of cutting-edge technology is designed to monitor your wellness and send notifications to your loved ones, healthcare professionals, or provide an emergency response if something irregular happens at home.

The Intelligent Home

Our technology is installed in your home and monitors daily activities for wellness and safety. The emergency call button enables contact with a 24/7 response team when needed.


The HomeStay Connect App can be shared with family and friends and provides a real time view of activities, trend data and enables customised alerts and notifications.
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