Nowadays there are a multitude of choices for home care services, and it can be difficult to determine which services are best for you and your family. Home care services run the full spectrum of cover, from occasional caregivers to help with transportation, to full-time in-home qualified caregivers. Before choosing the right aged care services for you, it is important to critically evaluate your situation. Then determine the level of aged care help you need.

What Home Care Services Do You Need?

It is important to not only consider tasks you consider essential, but also desirable as well. You may know that driving is getting difficult, and you could use help with transportation and grocery shopping. If you need, look at your hobbies as well. If you enjoy gardening, consider a caregiver who can help you maintain your plants. Additionally, have a thoughtful reflection about your medical needs, and if you are in need of home nursing services, or are likely to need nursing care in the future.

Completing An In-Home Assessment

An in-home assessment is an important tool in evaluating your need for aged care. You should conduct a thorough examination of your home, identifying areas that have the potential to cause physical challenges. Look for areas that can be modified – then make changes to prevent accidents before they occur.

The Value In Personal Home Care Packages

The Home Care Package, subsidised by the Australian government, is a specific set of home care services. These are designed to provide in home care to Australians 65 years and over. Funding is allocated to individuals based on a needs assessment. This funding can then be directed towards a service provider who is able to offer the services you need to live comfortably at home.

HomeStay Care can help individuals browse a list of approved aged care providers and their service types, rates, staff, and available dates. You then have the option to choose and book services when they are needed. We also provide secure chat feature to communicate with service providers regarding service details, changes, or other issues.

Choosing Between In-Home Care & Residential

Deciding between in-home care and residential care can be challenging, and often depends on specific circumstances. Home care is suitable for many aging individuals, with caregivers providing additional support as needed. These can range from occasional cooking and cleaning, to daily household support. Individuals requiring a high level of care or those who have significant health care needs will find that residential care is the best choice for their comfort and well being. These are, however, limited scenarios. You will need to evaluate your situation first, by discussing aged care services with aged care professionals.

Ongoing Support

No matter what level of care you select, ongoing support is an important part of any provider’s duty of care. Your provider should contact you and follow up after commencement of care services. This will help you see if the service is meeting your needs, or should be adjusted in any way. We offer ongoing support for all services, so you can rest assured you will have a continued high quality of care.

HomeStay Care

HomeStay Care offers a premium level of aged care services, combining the latest smart technology with qualified caregivers to give you comfort, security, and independence. Contact HomeStay today when choosing the right aged care services, and let our team of experts help connect you with high quality services that reflect your needs and desires.