A human-loving brand,
led by practical humans


So many of the things we enjoy today are thanks to the hard work of the generations before us. At HomeStay, that very fact navigates our passion for what we do.

We’re a ‘wonderfully human’ company committed to empowering mature Australians by giving them confidence to continue living in their own home.

Yes, we do this through an impressive array of medical alert devices and care technology products, but behind those products you’ll find a people focused brand – one made up of a passionate team of talented individuals who each bring a unique set of skills to the HomeStay table.

By drawing on our combined experience across industries including aged care, IT, product development and marketing, we provide a depth of expertise and understanding that underpins the unique services HomeStay offers.



Philippa Lewis


Manoj Chandra


Amanda Sweeney


Sherry Swanson


Claire Hammond

Senior Project Manager

Katherine Veale

Project Manager

Kenneth Bondoc

Systems Engineer

Michelle Mead

Customer Service Operations Manager

Krish Loku

Senior Product Manager

Kadu Anastocia

IT Project Manager

Natalie Stevenson

Commercial and Operations Manager – Asia

Sudhir Sharma

Business Analyst

Cherry Zhoun

Scrum and Quality Assurance

Denis Pregun

Account Manager

      ShenShen Meng

      Mid Back-end Developer

Richard Swainston

Sales and Partnership Manager 

Rohail Agneshius

Technical Product Officer

Samantha Chiu

Office Manager

Rajesh Ghai

Automation Lead


Sometimes a glaring gap in the market presents a unique opportunity to develop something truly great and wonderfully impactful. In 2016, after identifying a need for the provision of better, smarter and more efficient and consistent care for the elderly, HomeStay was founded.

At the heart of what we offer is unique technology – the HomeStay Internet of Things (IoT) Platform. The IoT Platform connects you, the consumer, with various technologies, including wearables and personal alarm systems throughout the home and on home appliances. This provides ongoing monitoring to assist in the care of mature Australians.  

The platform is driven by impressive advances in technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and predictive analytics that are used to provide real-time medical alerts and preventative interventions. These allow senior adults to stay in their homes.longer.


We’re a company with plenty of momentum that has hit the ground running from day one. Since then, we’ve used the art of listening to hear what the elderly living at home really need to keep them confident, happy and safe living alone.

We’ve presented our personal alarms for the elderly at expos, roadshows and industry events to both our industry peers and consumers. We have received incredibly positive feedback, especially from those looking to remain independently living in their homes.

This naturally comes as good news to their families too, who can rest assured knowing their loved ones can rely on HomeStay’s technology to help keep them safe and sound.