Lifestyle and Care

Carers Companion

Carers Companion supports enhanced care delivery by easily capturing key information and streamlining shift handover processes.

Carers Companion supports carers to empower individuals to live more independently, supporting their daily planning and decision making.

Capture resident’s daily moods and behaviours, gaining insight through tracking trends and patterns.

Monitor key wellness indicators and engage residents in the process.
Set reminders for resident and house appointments and tasks.
Centrally manage weekly meal plans, resident activities and carer schedules.
Be easily inducted to the house and the residents that live there.


MyDay is a simple and easy to use application that supports individuals to effectively manage their day with greater independence.

The application promotes decision making, mental stimulation and interactions with families, friends and carers.

View carers scheduled to visit throughout the day.
View today’s weather and suggested clothing choices, enabling independence in getting ready for the day.

View daily activities and appointments.

Capture and store photographs and memories from daily activities.
View what’s on the dinner menu.