Visiting customers in their homes and getting to know them is the most important step for an in-home aged care technology company that is “wonderfully human”. And for HomeStay’s Customer Service Operations Manager Michelle Meads, building relationships with senior clients is the most rewarding part of her job.

“I have always been a people person and I love listening to people’s stories and experiences,” Michelle says.

“While we are a technology company, we will never lose sight of the fact that we gain so much from these genuine conversations with all of our clients. Everyone has a story and I enjoy sitting with them and hearing about their lives.”

As well as the seniors HomeStay serves, Michelle also works with family members, carers and home care providers to glean insights that guide the design of the systems that are installed in each house, transforming them into smart homes.

The vast majority of older Australians want to age in place, and through the integration of a discrete suite of technologies they are able to continue living independently for as long as possible, while their families are provided with peace of mind.

The customisable HomeStay system includes sensors on doors, medicine drawers and refrigerators, as well as motion sensors placed around the home. The IoT platform includes dashboards available on desktop and mobile devices that provide real-time insights to family members and care staff. With the data, they can be reassured when a senior has risen for the day and is going about their routine, or detect anomalies such as disturbed sleeping patterns, changed eating habits or periods of inactivity. The Intelligent Home hub can also send out alerts in the event of a potential incident and has an emergency call button that can be pressed to connect to HomeStay’s 24/7 emergency response centre.

“As the voice of the customer, I work closely with our product and development teams to ensure our solutions are not only user-friendly but are enhancing experiences and offering peace of mind,” Michelle says.

Building relationships is also essential to gaining trust and ensuring seniors feel comfortable with their HomeStay systems – and even the installation teams are part of the positive process.

“It is so important to ensure our customers know who we are and that we know them. It isn’t just our customer care team, even our installers drive our HomeStay culture,” Michelle says.

“It isn’t just an install for them either and we love hearing that our team has taken that extra bit of time to have a cuppa while they are there. We are in people’s homes and there is a real trust factor in that. We hear so many great stories from our installers about people’s pets, hobbies and some interesting collections! Our customers really appreciate when we talk to them and they feel like they know us already as well.”

For Michelle, it’s this level of interaction with older people in their homes, together with the knowledge she is helping them to remain where they want to be that gives her work real meaning.

“It means working for a company that really does make a difference to people lives. Being able to create solutions not only for seniors at home but also their family and caregivers is a joy.”

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