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How is the system set up in my home?

Your friendly technician will install 1 central hub and then additional sensors on each of the main entry/exits, fridge and rooms of your house. The hub will be set up in a common easy to reach place, away from the reach of pets or small children, but still easily accessible to the resident. The sensors are placed approx. 1.8m [Better to use metres because we are in Aus.]high on your wall or room corners. The sensors will be set to cover all main movement areas.

How does it work?

Our advanced sensors are built on artificial intelligence that get to know your average routine (approx. 4 weeks) from installation. The Intelligent Home will provide valuable insights to your carer or loved one via the HomeStay Assist smart app.

Are there additional items I can add onto my Intelligent Home?
Yes. We are always upgrading with the best technology. Contact the HomeStay team for more information.

Will the Intelligent Home be affected if I have a pet?
No. Upon set up, our advanced sensors can be set not to detect any movement from domestic pets. Your technician will set this up at installation and test this successfully for you.

Are there any cameras or speakers in the sensors?
No. The Intelligent Home uses infrared motion sensors to detect activity. There are no cameras or audio recordings.

What happens if the system stops working?
Contact HomeStay direct via and we will assist immediately via telephone or home visit technician if required. 


  1. What alerts go to my carer / loved one?

  2. Simple but valuable alerts based on unusual activity in the home. This will include excessive or less sleep than usual, changed bathroom patterns (a lot more or a lot less are both indicators to medical issues), potential fall with no movement in the home outside of normal routine and being away from the home. 

    Who is the first point of call in case of emergency?

  3. Upon registration we will customise how you would like your system to work. There are 3 options for your There are 3 options for you ‘in case  of emergency’ process. These relate to who HomeStay Assist will contact on your behalf. They are

    1. 1. Call nominated person first i.e loved one, carer or neighbour who may be able to assist. This nominated person will then advise if they can assist or medical assistance should be sent. In the event of no response from the nominated person, medical assistance will be sent.[Does this call medical assistance after the caregiver?]
    2. 2. Call medical assistance i.e ambulance, immediately and then notify nominated person/s
    3. 3. Call medical assistance i.e ambulance

    Our HomeStay assist team have a response time of under 10 seconds to connect to you, the resident when an emergency button has been pressed.[We spoke to On Watch about this and their response time for alerts is 1 minute latest. So we cannot guarantee 10 seconds even though that’s what they aim for. ][This is for answering call line. I will amend how it reads]

    *Upon set up we recommend you save the ‘HomeStay Assist’ [Have we checked that the outbound number from On Watch is the 1300 number we are expecting?][This is the (02) number they gave us]number in your phone so you know exactly who is calling in case of an emergency. 

    What happens if there is an emergency or fall?

  4. There are 3 ways the Intelligent Home will connect to the 24/7 HomeStay Assist call centre.

    1. 1. When you  press the pendant, this will connect via the hub to the call centre. The call centre will then connect to the resident to ask if they need assistance[From experience they actually ask “Do you need assistance?”, we should clarify what they say with On Watch. ]? If not or there is no response, medical assistance will be sent immediately.
    2. 2. When you press the emergency call button on the hub[Clarify that this button is on the hub.], this will connect via the hub to the call centre. The call centre will then connect to the resident to ask if they are OK? If not or there is no response, medical assistance will be sent immediately.
    3. 3. Normal and then sudden no movement, outside of the normal routine, will indicate a possible fall. This will alert the HomeStay Assist call centre who will then call the hub directly to see if the resident is OK.



What type of smart phone is needed to connect to the Intelligent Home?

Your carer or loved one will need an iPhone (with iOS 10+) or an [or an Android]Android smart phone (with Android 6+).

How do I download the HomeStay Connect app?

Our customer service team will send your carer/loved one, their own unique access details that are connected to the Intelligent Home. This is a simple app download with a pre-registered email.

  • * Ensure your smartphone push notifications settings are turned on. Emergency notifications will also be sent via text and email.
  • * A valid email address is also required upon set up.

    I am a carer, friend or family member with the app, how do I see if they are OK?

There are many valuable insights on the app including dashboards [This function isnt on our app, that is an Essence Function. Need to make sure this request is put in Jira if we want to build it in the app. ][have reworded. The dashboards do give the individual days of the week. Just not during the day, live. ]of daily movement around the home, leaving the house and getting home, average sleep times, as well as using meal areas such as the fridge or a dedicated eating area. This information is presented in easy to read dashboards and can be compared on a weekly and monthly basis to detect major changes or deterioration. 

What if I accidently delete the app?

Simply download it again from the app store and use your same logon details. Your account will still be connected to the Intelligent Home.


How will the dashboards help me with looking after my loved one?

By having information on major changes or deterioration, this is valuable in assisting with care change if needed, social assistance or medical help with intervention. 

What happens if I go on holidays or leave the home for an extended time? 

The smarts of the Intelligent Home will know you are out of home and will acknowledge you are away from home.

Can I have more than one person in my care network connected to the app to view?

Yes. This is great if you have multiple loved ones, cares and/or a home care provider who will all benefit with the peace of mind of knowing you are OK. Each person will be given their own access details to simply download.


What about my details?

We only use your personal information about you or your carer/ loved one to identify you with your connection to your Intelligent Home. This includes information required for the HomeStay Assist call centre. All information is kept secured and only shared with emergency services upon your account consent.

The data we capture within the Intelligent Home products and application are treated in accordance with HomeStay’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy


Do I need the internet for the Intelligent Home?

No. The Intelligent Home has its own 3G connection built inside the hub.

Do I need batteries for the sensors?

Upon installation your technician will set these in all the sensors. Each sensor requires 1 x CR123A lithium battery. These batteries will last from approx. 12 – 24 months depending on sensor movement capturing. 

Do I need to change the batteries when they are low?

Yes. The HomeStay Connect will send a ‘low battery alert’ via the app when a battery is low, as well as show you battery levels at all times for each sensor.

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