How is the system set up in my home?
Your friendly technician will install one central hub and then additional sensors on each of the main entries and exits, fridges and rooms of your house. The hub will be set up in a common easy-to-reach place, away from the paws of pets or hands of small children, but still easily accessible to you. The sensors are placed about 1.8 metres high on your walls or corners of rooms. The sensors will be set to cover all main areas of movement.
Are there additional services I can add to my Intelligent Home?
Yes. We are always upgrading the system with the best technology. Contact the HomeStay team for more information
Are there any cameras or speakers in the sensors?
No. The Intelligent Home uses infrared motion sensors to detect activity. There are no cameras or audio recordings.
How does it work?
Our advanced sensors are built on artificial intelligence that gets to know your average routine in about four weeks from installation. The Intelligent Home will provide valuable insights to your carer or loved ones via the HomeStay Assist smart app
Does the Intelligent Home work if I have a pet?
Yes. Upon set-up, our advanced sensors can be configured to not detect any movement from domestic pets. Your technician will set this up at installation and test this for you.
What happens if the system stops working?
Contact HomeStay direct via www.homestay.care and we’ll assist you promptly via telephone or send out a home visit technician if required.

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