Our Homecare
technology will keep you
rockin’ on


At HomeStay, we like to refer to our technology products as ‘Wonderfully Human’ – after all, they are designed to make life easier.

And because we know how important it is to feel safe and confident living in your own home, we’ve developed a premium range of care technology products that can be tailored to your everyday needs and the uniqueness of your own home.

More like companions rather than just products, our range provides ‘at-home’ health & wellness monitoring, safety alerts and real-world interaction with those who wish to continue living and enjoying life at home, which is exactly where they should be.


No one knows your own home better than you do. We discuss your unique needs and then install our health and wellness sensors to work with your lifestyle.

Our cutting edge monitoring technology can sense your movements throughout the home. If something seems irregular, like a long period of non activity compared to your normal routine in a certain room, an alert will notify your nominated loved one or carer, via the HOMESTAY CONNECT app.

This alert immediately reaches your choice of emergency Service Providers, Healthcare Professional or your FAMILY, ensuring help is on the way. 

For some, just a simple “Hey, you are up and active this morning” can give your family member / carer the peace of mind to know you are OK.

Finally the peace of mind you’ve been looking for is right here.


When it comes to your daily health, insights and instant alerts are what safety is all about. That’s why our HOMESTAY CONNECT gives direct access to your loved or carer, conveniently to their smart phone. 

Our clever app includes live dashboards that can tell if sleeping patterns are disturbed, eating routines have changed or if a fall has occurred – all 100% secure and valuable information at your fingertips, anywhere you go.


HomeStay provides a range of health monitoring devices that can be discretely worn as a wristband or pendent. This cutting-edge technology can monitor and record real-time data – such as you daily activity, movement throughout the home, sleep patterns and when you are away from home.

All of this valuable and insightful data is automatically synchronised with your Health Portal, resulting in up-to-the-second reporting that your authorised healthcare providers and family can access with then alerts are sent to them.

Portable Emergency Button

For complete protection, the portable emergency button goes with you as a wireless extension of the main emergency hub button. This can be worn as a pendant or wrist strap and used to trigger help when needed, from anywhere in the house.

Garmin Vivofit 3

The Garmin Vivofit reminds you to stay active with move bar and activity detection. A great way to monitor, steps, calories and sleep. Rest easy with the Garmin 1 year battery life.

Advanced Emergency Pendant

An addition to the Intelligent Home, this advanced multi function device assists in signaling potential falls. If a potential fall is detected or the button is pressed, this will connect directly to the HOMESTAY ASSIST call centre.


We’re a people-loving company and that means we have a wonderfully friendly team here to support you from sales and setup right through to useful tips on everyday use. Naturally, you can expect the most prompt and responsive team monitoring any alerts 24 hours a day every day of the year – so you know you’re never alone, but in the safest of hands just an alert away.

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