The family package is designed to monitor key areas within the home which include the kitchen, restroom and 1 main entry/exit door.

Main Features
• 24/7 Emergency Response
• Intercom for emergency contact
• Alerts for deviations from preset rules which may indicate a health or wellbeing issue
• No need for Internet connection
• The Emergency Response Hub has a battery backup of 24 hours

Package Contains:
• HomeStay Connect App access for you, your family and friends
• 1 Emergency Response Hub
• 2 Movement Sensors
• 1 Door Sensor

• Self installation or can be installed by one of our friendly technicians for only $200

Monthly Subscription Fee
• A monthly subscription fee of only $40 per month is payable to access 24/7 emergency response and the HomeStay Connect app
• This fee includes all sim data costs

Note: Monthly subscription fee is payable via direct debit or credit card.

Installation *

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