Need a hand at home?
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HomeStay knows that home is where the heart is. So we provide you with options for ‘in home’ services you can pick and choose from, if and when you need them.

To help do that, we’ve created a platform of household service providers who can come to your home and provide you with the exact help or service you need. From health professionals such as nurses and physiotherapists through to service providers for your everyday needs such as cleaners, gardeners and home maintenance pros. Our trusted range of professionals are here to help.

What’s more, it all takes place using our simplef app, HomeStay Everyday. Think of it as an extensive list of trusted service providers you can search through all in one place, using just your smartphone or tablet.



Forget the phone book, the HomeStay Everyday app is the most convenient and safe way to book a reputable service at home whenever you need.

Each provider comes higly recommended – think of it as a trusted marketplace and community of care and service providers that are here for your needs, anytime, anywhere.

Services available on HomeStay Everyday include cleaning, gardening, meal preparation, home visits, hairdressing, home maintenance, handyperson services, laundry, transportation and caregivers – all of which can be paid for securely through the app.

Put simply, the HomeStay Everyday seamlessly connects you to a choice of premium providers that enables you to remain independent and in total control of your lifestyle, comfort and care options.

Can’t take Daisy for a walk today? Book an expert on your mobile.


We understand that a care-service app needs to be wonderfully human and easy to use. HomeStay Everyday is built on a user-friendly platform that connects you to a live database of service providers through easy navigation. 

Simply search, review, book and receive – all in a few easy steps.


We believe that quality control is paramount and have designed HomeStay Everyday to offer clinical services via third-party suppliers such as Allied Health Services – one of the nation’s leading healthcare providers.

If you need clinical services, HomeStay Everyday connects you with service providers such as Allied Health Services – one of the nation’s leading healthcare providers. All of them are proven to be of the best quality available.

The app’s built-in Health Portal, is your convenient personal health profile that securely stores your medical records, health data, past and future appointments and preferred care providers – all in one place.

The Health Portal is designed to keep you on track with your health goals, remind you of appointments, store test results, and if you wish, allow your doctor, authorised healthcare professionals or family members to remotely access your records for streamlined communication and monitoring your safety.