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We’ve got perfectionists for the job!
Need a hand at home?

HSC Technology Group knows that home is where the heart is. We connect you to various options for in-home services from which you can pick-and-choose, if and when you need them.
To help you out, we’ve created a platform of service providers who can come to your home and give you the exact help or service you need. From health professionals – such as nurses and physiotherapists – through to help with your everyday needs, such as cleaners, gardeners and home maintenance services.

All of this takes place simply by using our straightforward app. Think of it as an extensive list of trusted service providers you can search in one convenient place, using nothing more than your smartphone or tablet.




Pet services

Grocery and food preparation

Social and cultural events

Gardening and maintenance


Search & book services at your fingertips

We understand that a service app needs to be human and easy to use. Our app is built on a user-friendly platform that connects you to a live database of service providers through easy navigation.

Simply search, review, book and receive – all in a few easy steps.